Executive Directory

Executive Directory

Company Founders

Gerald D. Cohen, President and CEO
Peter Mittelman, Sr. V.P., FOCUS Division
Martin B. Slagowitz, Consultant

Gerald D. Cohen

Corporate Executives

Douglas S. Archibald, Sr. V.P., Professional Services
Michael Corcoran, Sr. V.P. and Chief Marketing Officer
Gregory Dorman, General Manager, iWay Software
Ron Iwersen, Sr. V.P., Systems and Infrastructure Operations
Frank Molitor, Sr. V.P. and Chief Financial Officer
Daniel Ortolani, Sr. V.P., Worldwide Customer Services
David Sandel, Sr. V.P., Business Intelligence Products Group
Frank Vella, Chief Operating Officer


Regional Sales Executives

North America
David Boyle, V.P. North American Operations
Brian Doheny, V.P. Business Development, iWay and Vertical Markets
Rich Hall, V.P. Sales, Central Area
Bill Macy, V.P. Sales, Eastern Area
Jeremy Ballanco, V.P., iWay Software Sales
Jon Deutsch, V.P. Industry Solutions
Melissa Treier, V.P. Sales, Information Builders’ Solutions
Dave Upton, V.P. Sales, Southern Area

Marc Luvshis, V.P. and International Professional Services Chief Technology Officer
Brian McLaughlin, V.P., International Operations
Miguel Reyes, V.P., EMEA South and Latin America
Peter Walker, V.P., EMEA North