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A blockchain is a distributed ledger that serves as a historical record of a set of transactions.

Data Analysis Tools

Data analysis tools make it easier for users to sort through enterprise data in order to identify patterns, trends, relationships, correlations, and anomalies that would otherwise be difficult to d

Data Integrity

Data integrity solutions greatly improve the completeness and accuracy of data from enterprise sources.

Data Profiling

Data profiling includes the collection, aggregation, and examination of enterprise information, to gather statistics and details about it.

Decision Support Systems

Decision support systems improve operational efficiency and business performance by enhancing the ability of stakeholders to make faster, smarter decisions based on information, rather than gut ins

ETL Tools

With extract, transform, and load (ETL) tools, organizations can extract data from numerous disparate databases, applications and systems, transform it as appropriate, and load it into another data


Consumers are data-driven, demanding real-time information in the context of their current activities.