Delivering Artificial Intelligence at Scale

See How a Business Analytics Platform Provides the Missing Link to Wide-Scale Success

Right now, there are armies of well-paid data scientists in every industry frantically at work, trying to solve critical issues while relying on R, Python, and related machine-learning technologies. But the resulting solutions don't always deliver the wide-scale success that executives and other stakeholders expect and there is often a missing link.

The good news is that missing link already exists within the WebFOCUS business analytics platform from Information Builders. WebFOCUS was created to scale, and its robust design drives up the adoption of analytics to tens of thousands or even millions of users, helping every type of user with every type of use case.

In this white paper, we’ll demonstrate how that superior scalability can support wide-scale artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) initiatives and deliver a comprehensive suite of data science capabilities that reaches users at all levels.

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