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Unified Data Delivery From Data Lake to Enterprise Data Marketplace

Data Insights | Getting Value From Your Data Management Platform
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Event Description

For most organizations, digital transformation is creating a complex data landscape with hundreds or even thousands of data sources and multiple workload-specific analytical data stores. In addition, with so much data pouring into the enterprise, business users are buying their own self-service data preparation tools to integrate data independently of IT.

It seems everyone is integrating data with no attempt to share what they create. More and more silos are emerging, making it harder to manage and trust data. Unaware of the complexity, business executives are demanding more agility to remain competitive in a digital economy where customers can churn at the touch of a mobile phone screen. So how can companies remain agile and reduce the time to value when data complexity is on an upward trajectory?

In this webinar Mike Ferguson addresses this problem and shows how companies can establish a strategy for delivery of trusted, unified data that speeds up data and analytical processing and shortens time to value.

Mike will discuss:

  • The data-driven enterprise – vision, expectation, and thirst for new data
  • Data complexity and challenges caused by the thirst for data
  • A siloed approach to managing and governing data
  • Conquering complexity, governing data, and accelerating time to value
  • Data lake, information supply chain, and data marketplace
  • Simplifying access to data
Mike Ferguson
Mike Ferguson
Managing Director,
Intelligent Business Strategies

Mike Ferguson is managing director of Intelligent Business Strategies Limited. As an analyst and consultant he specializes in business intelligence, analytics, data management, big data, and enterprise architecture. With more than 35 years of IT experience, Mike has consulted for dozens of companies on business intelligence strategy, technology selection, enterprise architecture, and data management.

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