Data Management

Data management is a strategy for overseeing all the information housed by your organization.

The onset of big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), along with the volume of information they generate, has elevated the importance of data management in the eyes of organizations that want to get genuine value from what they have.

Data Management at Warp Speed

Omni-Gen provides a single platform housed in the cloud or on-premises, for generating applications that combine data integration, data quality, and master data management – in a fraction of the time such projects used to require. The benefits are huge: The time for typical projects can be reduced from years to months or even weeks.

Successful data management projects don’t usually start with technology considerations. Instead, they initiate a value generation cycle by engaging the business community, especially the people who generate, acquire, and use the data.

A value generation cycle involves:

  • Focusing on data consumers
  • Identifying the data that supports what you need to know
  • Determining where that data lives (which source systems it resides in)
  • Bringing data together (integration)
  • Remediating the data to make sure it is well suited for business-level reporting and analysis (cleansing, matching, and merging)

Traditional data management solutions are slow to yield value

Traditional data management solutions are slow to yield value, mainly because numerous tools are required to build enterprise models, and they encourage developers to simultaneously define multiple domains. These bottom-up approaches are time consuming and technically challenging. Data integration, data quality, master data management, and data remediation have important roles to play in data management projects, yet in many cases these essential disciplines get short shrift or are not considered at all.

Information Builders designed the Omni-Gen data management platform to help organizations create value generation life cycles from the top down – driving from business definitions down to integration, cleansing, remediation, and mastering. This gives organizations complete control over their most vital data assets. Whether installed in-house or in the cloud, it ensures that all systems, processes, and stakeholders get the high-quality information they need in a timely fashion.

Information Builders’ data management platform comprises three solutions that enable users to access, profile, enrich, cleanse, and master their data: Omni-Gen provides game-changing technology that aligns business users and IT to define and manage their most important data domains. iWay Big Data Integrator leverages Hadoop for massively parallel data integration and transformation. iWay Tools provide the underlying technology for every sort of integration: internal or business-to-business, data or application oriented, real-time or batch, and more.