Our Customers

Prym Consumer

One of the largest manufacturers and distributor of sewing, quilting, and craft-related products in North America.

Die Herausforderung

Prym Consumer

Prym found itself having to interface with SAP to manage thousands of daily EDI transactions from Wal-Mart, Amazon, Michaels, and Jo Ann Stores.

Die Strategie

By leveraging iWay as a middleware backbone, it could process orders, receive POs, route invoices, route advance shipment notices, and confirm shipments, with automated links to SAP and other essential information systems.

Pete Peters
IT Manager

Wir haben uns für iWay entschieden, vor allem wegen der robusten Kommunikations- und Integrationsmöglichkeiten zwischen SAP und unseren Kommissioniersystemen. Wir mögen den iWay Service Manager, weil er vielseitig genug ist, um viele verschiedene Arten von Integrationsprojekten zu vereinfachen.

The Outcome

Prym now has a unified environment for all types of integration projects, including end-to-end EDI/SAP processes, as well as greater accuracy and efficiency in support of Prym’s brand promise.