BI- und Analyseplattform

Mit der WebFOCUS Business Intelligence (BI) und Analyseplattform können Unternehmen ihre Daten innerhalb der gesamten Organisation und darüber hinaus strategischer nutzen. Sie stellt ihnen alles zur Verfügung, was sie benötigen, um Daten für nachhaltige Geschäftsergebnisse in handlungsrelevante Erkenntnisse umzuwandeln. WebFOCUS bietet jedem Nutzer die richtige Benutzerfreundlichkeit. Mit einfacher Bedienung trägt sie dazu bei, der Gesamtheit aller Informationsnutzer mit vollständiger Daten- und Informationsintegrität gerecht zu werden.

Broad and Deep Analytical Capabilities

Broad and Deep Analytical Capabilities


Millions of users depend on WebFOCUS to deliver analytics and insights. Its advanced capabilities are comprehensive, scalable, and proven.

Industry's Most Scalable Platform

Industry's Most Scalable Platform


Intuitive BI and analytics are built on the IT-friendly WebFOCUS platform, ensuring efficient security, administration, scalability, metadata, and governance.

Easy to Use for All Users, on Any Device

Easy to Use for All Users, on Any Device


Increase adoption and wow your users. WebFOCUS offers superior experiences with more flexibility than any other BI and analytics platform.

Umfangreiche und tiefgehende Analysemöglichkeit

The WebFOCUS BI portal allows users and administrators to rapidly create dashboards that combine content from multiple data sources and formats. It provides robust security and comprehensive governance that enables seamless, secure delivery and sharing of any BI and analytics content.

WebFOCUS has a fully re-engineered interface, with visually intuitive and highly efficient workflows, incorporating UI/UX best practices throughout. The core user component is WebFOCUS Designer, an ecosystem of integrated capabilities that guide a user along every step of the analytics journey – from data preparation to content creation to assembly to publishing and deployment.

Within its authoring tools, WebFOCUS offers full-featured report writing and casting capabilities for self-service, enterprise, financial, or managed reporting. A comprehensive platform that delivers the most complete reporting capabilities on the market today, WebFOCUS satisfies the diverse information needs of different user communities.

WebFOCUS has extensive visualization and charting capabilities, including an "Insight" mode that enables instant visual discovery from a standard chart. Insight incorporates an innovative approach to self-service discovery so that any user can conduct data discovery, not just those who have access to a full data discovery tool.

Part of the WebFOCUS platform, WebFOCUS RStat delivers powerful predictive analytics functionality. Business users can leverage a single integrated solution for BI, data modeling, and scoring, so they can make decisions based on accurate, validated future predictions instead of relying on gut instinct alone.

Interactive mapping is made possible through tight integration with Esri, the market leader in geographic information systems (GIS). Data from corporate data warehouses, big data stores, spreadsheets, or a library of demographics can be seamlessly merged onto an underlying map, presenting it in the context of a physical location.

WebFOCUS can easily incorporate Internet of Things (IoT) sensor information and any other big data into analytical activities. Business users are shielded from the complexities of Hive, JSON, Avro, or other big data and IoT technologies, allowing them to easily create startlingly rich, interactive visualizations, dashboards, and reports.

Information Builders continually enhances WebFOCUS with the latest innovations to support new and emerging methods for automating insights and gleaning greater value from enterprise data. This includes natural language, BI content auto-linking, smart search, and other leading-edge capabilities.

Die skalierbarste Plattform der Branche



WebFOCUS can deploy secure applications to thousands, even millions, of users inside and outside the corporate firewall. Its robust platform architecture helps you achieve high user adoption. 



Comprehensive governance functionality enables metadata-driven delivery of trusted information and content across the enterprise, with governance available at the data, analytical, and user levels.

IT Friendly


WebFOCUS is a highly IT-friendly platform that provides powerful provisioning and deployment of trusted applications and self-service environments from any combination of data sources.



WebFOCUS extends beyond dashboards for executives and analysts by operationalizing data and analytics for line-of-business employees, embedded right in everyday processes and flows.

Einfach zu bedienen – für jeden Nutzer und auf jedem Gerät

WebFOCUS InfoApps™ are custom information applications designed and built to enable non-technical users to rapidly gather insights and explore specific business contexts. Intuitive, highly interactive, and flexible, InfoApps can include parameterized dashboards, reports, charts, and visualizations.

WebFOCUS InfoAssist+ is a single, unified self-service data exploration tool that delivers business analytics to everyone. It gives non-technical users a single, web-based interface for reporting, charts, data discovery, and data preparation.

The WebFOCUS Portal is an analytical content management and deployment environment that enables you to manage a wide range of governed analytical content. Content can be made readily available to many types of users, both inside and outside the firewall.

WebFOCUS In-Document Analytics combines an analytical document with a data set and Excel-like functions into a single, standalone HTML5 page. This provides an effective way to deliver value outside the firewall, allowing users to interact with enterprise data, even when they’re disconnected from the web.

WebFOCUS can deliver a variety of BI and analytical outputs to smartphones and tablets. You can build once and deploy anywhere, rapidly creating highly interactive, device-independent, responsive outputs that ensure fast time-to-value by leveraging the existing BI platform, content, and security.

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