Data Visualization

Data visualization solutions display information in easy-to-read charts, maps, plots, and graphs, to help business users rapidly identify patterns and trends, detect anomalies, and uncover relationships.

Business users are often challenged to make sense of intricate data values or large volumes of information. Data visualization depicts raw information from enterprise sources in a rich, engaging, and visually compelling way, to accelerate exploration and discovery of insights.

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Compelling, Engaging Depictions of Enterprise Data

WebFOCUS InfoAssist+ delivers business analytics to everyone. It is a single, unified product for visually analyzing complex data sets, generating sophisticated data visualizations, dashboards and reports, and enhancing data-driven decision-making enterprise wide.

In order to fully exploit the value of enterprise data, business users need innovative and intuitive ways to interact with it. Rich, engaging visualizations that can be accessed on any device, including PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, can enhance planning and decision-making and increase productivity by making it easier for stakeholders to detect the critical factors that drive the business forward. 

Highly graphical representations of data provide deeper insights.

WebFOCUS InfoAssist+ is a robust, yet simple-to-use solution that provides power users with advanced and intuitive features, letting them easily:

  • Engage in data visualization and discovery to gain deeper insight using highly graphical representations of data, such as 3D bar and pie charts, histograms, data constellations, and multiscapes
  • Create queries, as well as highly complex charts, dashboards, and reports from multiple enterprise information sources
  • Leverage data-driven dynamic conditional styling and stop-lighting
  • Utilize features such as selecting, zooming, pivoting, and re-sorting, changing visualizations on the fly to further enhance insight
  • Browse data in cubes and other multidimensional sources, such as Oracle Essbase, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, and the SAP Business Information Warehouse
  • Publish HTML5, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint, WebFOCUS Active Technology documents (for offline analysis), and other formats

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