Data Quality

Data quality is a top priority for today’s organizations, determining the integrity of enterprise information.

Increasingly diverse and complex information environments, with countless sources and massive volumes of data being generated each day, make it difficult to manage data quality on an ongoing basis. Without the right guidelines, processes, and solutions in place to control the way applications, systems, databases, messages, and documents are managed, "dirty" data can permeate systems across the enterprise, negatively impacting everything from strategic planning to day-to-day decision making.

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The iWay Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition from Information Builders is a comprehensive, unified toolset designed to profile, cleanse, and enrich data. It promotes consistency, accuracy, and completeness across all enterprise information sources, combining a powerful rules engine with a real-time firewall to proactively keep bad data out of any environment.

Import, cleanse, and export your personal data rapidly without IT