Data Integration

Data integration solutions gather and unify data from heterogeneous information sources that reside both within and outside the enterprise.

With a truly comprehensive data integration solution, diverse information from traditional sources, such as operational or legacy systems, databases or data warehouses and marts, as well as mobile, social media, sensor, and other data is seamlessly accessed, consolidated, reconciled, cleansed, and prepared – regardless of its origin or format. While many data integration efforts support business intelligence (BI) and analytics initiatives, integration may also be required for other projects, such as automation of B2B transactions and other business processes.

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Omni-Gen™ Integration Edition is a unified toolset that ensures rapid access to timely, accurate data across all systems, processes, and stakeholders with unmatched interoperability between disparate systems and data. With access to more information sources than any other platform, it enables faster time to market for key operational and analytical initiatives.

Data integration has long been used to eliminate the siloed, duplicate, or inconsistent data sets that hinder business performance. Over the years, a variety of methods—ETL, search technology, operational data access, and process integration—have emerged to link together enterprise systems in support of business intelligence (BI) and analytics, automated processes, and more.  

These data integration methods, and the solutions that support them, are rapidly changing. Data architectures have become more sophisticated, and the growth of unstructured information from the Internet and mobile devices is swiftly outpacing the data generated by traditional information systems. As a result, integration methodologies continue to evolve, with new integration trends like big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and enterprise information integration making their way to the forefront.

iWay integration solutions provide a robust and flexible environment to address the widest range of data integration requirements. Designed to efficiently and economically unify the widest range of data sources, iWay facilitates today’s integration approaches, while providing an agile foundation to support emerging integration needs and techniques in the future.

In addition to Omni-Gen Integration Edition, our portfolio of data integration solutions includes iWay Big Data Integrator, which integrates traditional data with big data such as mobile information, social media, and sensor data from the Internet of Things (IoT). It simplifies big data management through a modern, native approach to Hadoop-based data integration that ensures high levels of capability, compatibility, and flexibility to help your organization.

iWay also provides a comprehensive collection of data application and B2B integration tools:

  • iWay Service Manager is an enterprise service bus (ESB) that enables organizations to create, compose, and manage services and microservices, whether they are deployed as web services or through other interfaces. By helping organizations reuse existing application and infrastructure investments to create powerful web services, iWay Service Manager lays the foundation for a quickly deployable and easily maintainable service-oriented architecture (SOA) or event-driven architecture (EDA) for an enterprise. This product is lightweight and highly configurable.

  • iWay DataMigrator is a powerful and comprehensive automated tool designed to dramatically simplify, extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes, including the creation, maintenance, and expansion of data warehouses, data marts, and operational data stores.

  • B2B Integration with Trading Partner Manager enables rapid, effective management of trading partner and related activities. This product dramatically improves the way partner transactions, as well as those performed over external exchanges, are planned, executed, and tracked.

  • iWay's Universal Adapter Suite contains a wide range of off-the-shelf adapters to provide easy access to any information system. Customers who have implemented the Suite within their environment know that it is easy to access and repurpose almost any form of data, any application, any B2B format, and any service.

  • iWay Data Hub performs location-transparent and federated access to data sources accessible from the iWay Universal Adapter Suite.

  • iWay Sentinel is a web-based user interface with capabilities to detect failures in server status, message transmission, and performance issues across one or more instances of iWay Service Manager. It also reports the health status of the various components using a customizable health model.

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