Data Governance

Data governance is a crucial component of any self-service analytics and data discovery strategy.

When a growing number of users interact with and visualize an increasing volume of data, solid governance practices can ensure that every stakeholder can get the insights they need, while the timeliness, integrity, availability, and security of data sources is fully preserved.

Data Governance and Remediation

Omni-Gen delivers multi-domain enterprise data governance for business users through the Omni Governance Console. A domain is a data construct containing all the values that are relevant to that data type. Multi-domain data means more than one type of business entity is being governed. Built-in authorization for each domain ensures that each user has the capabilities that are right for their role and the software being licensed. Users can configure customizable workflows to provide automatic alerts when data quality problems require intervention.

Broadly speaking, data governance encompasses every kind of policy related to an organization’s data, including its use, distribution, metric definitions, retention, security, and access. MDM, a significant technology component of data governance, is the infrastructure that supports rules and policies related to cleansing, matching, merging, harmonization, and validation of enterprise information.

Kick off good governance with a solid plan: one that aligns people and processes in pursuit of successful data management and utilization across the enterprise. Once that’s finished, validate your plan with the right supporting technologies.

But effective governance depends on more than just a broad range of reporting, analytics, and data discovery capabilities. The unified platform must also incorporate functionality that advocates governance with tools to enhance data quality, consistency, security, and more.

Our Omni-Gen software empowers business users to view, monitor, compare, and report on mission-critical data; identify and rectify faulty information; and create a complete, historical web-based view of mastered golden records. This process improves collaboration between businesspeople and developers, eliminating typical spreadsheet-based interactions during the design of models and cleansing rules.

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