Data Discovery

Data discovery allows business users to interact with enterprise data visually to uncover hidden patterns and trends.

As users seek to gain deeper insight from all kinds of information, data discovery makes it easier to interpret, especially when big data is too complex to examine in detail. Depicting raw data through pictures, images, and graphics accelerates the recognition of patterns, dependencies, anomalies, and more.

High Impact Visual Data Analysis

WebFOCUS InfoAssist+ is a robust, browser-based data discovery tool that empowers business analysts to author beautiful data visualizations from a variety of sources. Multiple charts, graphs, maps, and other visualizations can be combined into analytic dashboards and interactive InfoApps™. Analysts can publish and share these with users via the web and mobile devices.

In the past, analysts and statisticians were needed to make sense of intricate data values or large volumes of information. With data discovery, business users are empowered with the same kind of insight, without the need to learn complicated tools, understand complex statistical formulas, or build data models. Once information has been depicted in a rich, engaging, and visually compelling way, it can be easily incorporated into dashboards, portals, and scorecards, or used in performance management environments to more intuitively present metrics and KPIs. 

Other data discovery tools lack data access, governance, and other important capabilities.

As an integral part of the WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform, InfoAssist+ offers unique advantages that other data discovery tools lack:

  • Reduced Maintenance - Shared metadata, centralized administration, and security management greatly reduces maintenance and administration of development and runtime environment
  • Many Different Styles of BI - InfoAssist+’s data discovery capabilities can be seamlessly augmented with predictive analytics, social media analytics, performance management, standard reporting, and other core BI and analytics to satisfy every information need
  • Access Any Enterprise Data - InfoAssist+ users can drill down to operational data from a discovery dashboard, to perform deeper data exploration and rapidly uncover critical patterns, trends, anomalies, and outliers
  • Governance, Version Control and Auditing Ability - Centralized administration provides a single console for real-time user and system management
  • Enterprise-Class Security - Powerful security features include single sign on, metadata-based deployment, multi-tenancy templates, and a fine-grained security model with authorized users based on RDMS data or web services
  • Interactive Portals, Dashboards, and InfoApps - Since WebFOCUS uses the same metadata across its entire infrastructure, InfoAssist+ can incorporate existing reports and objects into its dashboards and InfoApps. In addition, the WebFOCUS Portal can assemble multiple InfoApps from InfoAssist+ or other WebFOCUS resources into a single dashboard

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