Data Analysis Tools

Data analysis and data analytics tools make it easier for users to sort through enterprise data in order to identify patterns, trends, relationships, correlations, and anomalies that would otherwise be difficult to detect.

Modern data analysis tools empower users to retrieve, combine, interact with, explore, and visualize data from any combination of sources, providing them with greater insight into their business processes, their industries, and their customers. By giving users fast, convenient access to enterprise information, organizations can improve decision making and enhance business performance.

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WebFOCUS is the industry’s most complete and flexible business intelligence and analytics platform. It incorporates a broad range of data analysis tools and capabilities,from predictive analytics and data visualization, to location intelligence, natural language, and sentiment and word analytics.This provides organizations with everything they need deliver on every possible analytical requirement.

With WebFOCUS, companies can accelerate the delivery of comprehensive and intuitive data analysis environments internally and externally, deploying them on premises, in the cloud, on mobile devices, or as software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

WebFOCUS offers a wide array of innovative, market-leading data analysis solutions. Organizations can exploit enterprise information to facilitate smarter planning and better decision making.

Predictive analytics bridges the gap between views of business operations to enable accurate, validated forecasting of future events or conditions.

In-document analytics transforms static documents into actionable and dynamic analytic environments, be it eStatements, interactive invoices, field sales reports, or summary findings from big data projects.

Data discovery and interactive visualization for visually analyzing complex data sets generates sophisticated data visualizations, dashboards and reports, and enhances data-driven decision-making enterprise wide.

Natural language charts translate charts into narrative, explaining in everyday English what is happening in the data.

Sentiment and word analytics enable comprehensive analysis of qualitative information.

Enterprise search makes it easy to index, locate, and retrieve both structured and unstructured data, regardless of its source or location.

Location intelligence, through seamless integration with leading mapping solutions from ESRI (ArcIMS and ArcGIS), Google (Google Maps), and Microsoft (Bing Maps), allows for visualization of the spatial component of any business data.

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