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Our WebFOCUS business intelligence and analytics platform is used by corporations, government agencies, and universities all over the world for public-facing web applications. Here is a small sampling of the constantly growing number of websites powered by Information Builders technology.

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

To improve accountability, performance, and data-driven decision-making, the State of Oklahoma established a performance-based funding formula that provides bonuses to institutions based on performance metrics. WebFOCUS is central in this effort, providing public-facing dashboards, reports, and graphs detailing enrollment, demographic, progress performance, and outcome data. As a result student retention and success has improved.

U.S. Bank ScoreBoard

U.S. Bank gives its small business customers a clearer look at their finances with its ScoreBoard app, powered by Information Builders. Available to any existing or new small business credit card member, ScoreBoard gives users customizable reports, charts, and graphs that display detailed credit card purchase and payment history. Corporate customers can track employees' spending and payments, and keep tabs on the payments they accept from their own customers.

City of Irving, Texas

As part of its performance management program, the City of Irving, TX has a Performance Office that collects data from various departments on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis in order to increase performance, create dialogue, and build the public’s confidence regarding the city’s management of public business.

The City Report Card measures are listed according to major service areas, including public safety, infrastructure, code enforcement, economic development, recreation, governance, communications, customer service, cultural, recreational and educational opportunities.

Florida Atlantic University

With interactive reporting, FAU makes self-service reporting for admissions, degrees, head count, and enrollment a snap. What’s more, the university's IEA Dashboards provide key performance indicators that highlight data such as enrollment, demographics, information about available programs, and more. These dashboards promote institutional effectiveness and help the university's administrators with planning and decision-making. Users have real-time access to operational data that is presented in a meaningful way, empowering management, staff, and stakeholders to quickly understand and monitor strategic goals.

Houston Community College

With close to 70,000 students and several campuses across the fourth largest city in the U.S., Houston Community College is using the WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Dashboard to monitor its key performance indicators in support of its commitment to being the country's most relevant community college. You can see HCC's dashboard in action on their website. The app is best viewed in full screen mode.

Kansas Higher Education Reporting System

The Kansas Higher Education Reporting System (KHERS) is a web-based reporting tool that provides access to data about Kansas public post-secondary institutions. KHERS allows users to view trends, filter reports, and perform comparisons through user-friendly dashboards, graphs, and charts. KHERS reports are generated from data collected by the Kansas Board of Regents from the state's 32 public higher education institutions (six state universities, one municipal university, 19 community colleges, and six technical colleges) in data collections which address enrollments, completions, demographics, and other characteristics.

Missouri Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR)

The Missouri State Police's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) website was built using WebFOCUS to automate FBI crime statistics and give citizens 24/7 access to town, county, regional, college campus, and state crime statistics. It features real-time statistical analyses, queries that anyone can customize, and automated file transfer to the FBI for its national crime database. Visit the Missouri UCR Program website to demo the product.

Moneris Merchant Direct

Moneris Solutions, Canada's largest processor of credit and debit card transactions, uses WebFOCUS to enable more than 300,000 merchants to view transactions online. The live application is available for registered merchants only; however, you can demo the Moneris app on their website without registering.

Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System

Hailed by FBI officials as the first of its kind in the U.S., the Pennsylvania State Police's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) website was built using WebFOCUS technology to automate compliance reporting and give citizens 24/7 access to crime statistics for towns, counties, regions, college campuses, and the state as a whole. It features real-time statistical analyses, queries that anyone can customize, and automated file transfer to the FBI for its national crime database.

POER Client Connect 2.0

Marvin F. Poer and Company, one of the nation’s leading property tax advisors, recently rolled out version 2.0 of its Client Connect portal, powered by WebFOCUS. The system provides Poer clients with secure and confidential access to their property data and tax information – all within a familiar, secure, browser-based environment. Client Connect 2.0 includes dashboards to monitor key business indicators (KBI's); instant drill-downs to detailed data; more than 120 different views of account records; performance and ROI tracking; Excel or Adobe PDF report output; and online access to original tax bills, assessments, and appeals documents.

San Francisco State University

The San Francisco State University Data Book, produced by the Office of Academic Institutional Research, provides answers to questions frequently asked by university administration, faculty, staff, and students. The Data Book presents current and historical demographic, enrollment, and degree information, providing an overview of trends characterizing San Francisco State University.

State of Florida

In an effort to improve transparency and accountability, the State of Florida uses WebFOCUS to enable visitors to track operating budgets, fund balances and expenditures, by fund and program area. In addition, appropriations, disbursements, fixed capital outlays and allotments can be viewed online in interactive reports.

State of Minnesota Department of Education (MDE)

Using a grant for Longitudinal Data Systems (LDS), MDE acquired Information Builders data warehousing and BI technologies to aggregate, report, and analyze achievement, attendance, demographic, and graduation data to comply with No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requirements as well as other Federally mandated reporting requirements. With more than 2,000 schools and 350 school districts, MDE provides a 360-degree view of data on districts, schools, teachers, and students – helping districts run their academic programs more efficiently, compute funding levels, and help educators, administrators, and families make data-driven decisions. See how MDE makes data reports and analytics available in a self-service, extra-net environment with Information Builders technologies.

State of Missouri Highway Patrol

The Missouri State Highway Patrol Statistical Analysis Center maintains a number of citizen-facing reporting systems, including its Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR), arrest reports, sex offender registry, and traffic and boat crashes. The agency's Statewide Traffic Accident Records System (STARS) Crash reporting system provides access to static and ad hoc reporting of its traffic safety compendium, crash characteristics, traffic safety, traffic crash mapping, and more.

Stephen F. Austin State University

Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA) information can be interactively accessed through JackFacts tabbed pages. Facts include census figures, headcounts, credit hours, degrees earned, faculty and much more in this external-facing WebFOCUS dashboard.

Tarleton State University's Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Institutional Research (OPEIR)

Tarleton State University created a Fact Book that lets users see a wide array of university information. Users can access student information, such as enrollments, retention, growth by geography, transfers, demographics, and freshman SAT/ACT scores. Academic achievement information, such as majors declared and degrees awarded and faculty information, such as salaries, tenure, and head-count, is also included.

Texas Consumer Resource for Education and Workforce Statistics

A joint project of Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the Texas Consumer Resource for Education and Workforce Statistics (Texas CREWS) is an interactive dashboard tool providing comparative information about the state's public two- and four-year post-secondary institutions. By evaluating programs and institutions on the basis of resultant wages and student loan levels, Texas CREWS allows parents and students to make informed decisions about college and get the best return on their educational investment. This WebFOCUS InfoApp lets someone pick a major, an occupation, or a specific college or university, and then drill into info such as what credential (certificate, degree) leads to specific job titles, expected first-year salaries, and even videos.

University of Texas at Tyler

The University of Texas at Tyler Interactive Fact Book provides the public with self-service access to some of the most frequently requested university data. Click on one of the tabs across the top of the page to access dynamic dashboards for enrollment, semester credit hours, degrees awarded, and faculty data.

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