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Yeshiva University

With five campuses in New York City and one in Israel, Yeshiva University combines the best of contemporary civilization and knowledge with the traditions of Jewish law and life.

The Challenge

Yeshiva University

How do you create a real-time interface between researchers and equipment using data from legacy systems to improve cash flow, reduce procurement costs, and increase the float on accounts payable spending?

The Strategy

Deploy iWay Service Manager (iSM) to automate critical financial and procurement processes. iSM also connects researchers with facilities in a more expedient way by instantly using grant dollars.

Jack Zencheck
Associate Vice President Business Services

iWay has the flexibility and extensibility to solve our immediate integration problems and serve our future integration needs as well.

The Outcome

Now the university can maximize research assets, simplify grant administration, control spending, automate accounts payable and procurement processes, while reducing manual effort for their administrative staff.