Our Customers

Workers Compensation Fund

Non-profit insurance company serving 20,000 businesses across Utah.

The Challenge

Workers Compensation Fund

What's the best way to provide employees and customers with fast, intuitive access to hard-to-reach data sources?

The Strategy

Deploy enterprise-wide parameter-driven reporting environments, and a customer-facing dashboard, to improve claims management, finance, customer service, underwriting, and more.

Debi Mofford
Chief Information Officer

The ability to tap into our information has really paid off. For example, our safety department collects intelligence that helps them formulate better safety programs, our underwriters are able to more effectively understand and control loss ratios, and our customers experience a higher level of service.

The Outcome

All departments – from claims and underwriting to finance and marketing – have better access to information for decision-making, and clients benefit from a higher level of customer service.