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Universidad Europea de Madrid

A private higher education institution with a full range of degrees and expert courses in a variety of disciplines.

The Challenge

Universidad Europea de Madrid

Administrators knew they needed to efficiently extract and analyze institutional data, to be able to implement corrective measures and control key management variables.

The Strategy

So, the university used WebFOCUS to develop advanced BI and analytics applications and reports, allowing faculty and staff to measure objectives, launch new projects, identify problems, and act quickly and decisively.

José Joaquín Loza

WebFOCUS has an unmatched user interface for easy access to the data. It provides useful and immediate information through a variety of techniques, including guided ad hoc queries, end-user reporting, and automatic alerts.

The Outcome

The university has realized a significant increase in operating efficiency; information is only processed once, while automation reduces waiting times and minimizes errors. This facilitates strategic analysis, the modeling of alterative scenarios, and the forecasting of results.