Our Customers

Toshiba Personal Computer System

A wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba that provides total support of the PC environment for offices.

The Challenge

Toshiba Personal Computer System

The company knew it needed to deliver information to management and employees in a way that keeps pace with rapid growth of the business.

The Strategy

It implemented WebFOCUS to deliver information in real time, enable timely management decisions, and ensure security.

Tadashi Aoki
Information Department

Our requirements were as follows: reduction of total cost of ownership, strengthening of security, shortening work time by one man-day, and the vendor's knowledge of business. WebFOCUS met all these requirements.

The Outcome

Toshiba met predicted potential cost and man-power reductions, which yielded 71 million yen annual savings, while improving decision-making and operations. It also established WebFOCUS as company standard, and is now selling WebFOCUS as an information system solution.