Our Customers

Toppan InterAmerica

A $16 billion corporation and the American division of Tokyo-based Toppan Printing.

The Challenge

Toppan InterAmerica

The company knew it had to relieve its small IT team from the burden of company-wide reporting responsibilities, while streamline accounting, sales, and production processes and making current information more readily available.

The Strategy

So, it created a self-service reporting system that pulls real-time data from production applications and business processes, eliminates manual data entry into spreadsheets, and minimizes the printing and distribution of paper-based reports.

Jay Verenakis
IT Manager

Information Builders offered data access, reporting, scheduling, and information delivery all in one package. Their software allows us to efficiently deliver information – not just to our users, but to our customers as well.

The Outcome

Reports that formerly took two days to generate are now available almost instantly. Inventory, financial, and production planning is based on accurate, current data, and IT staff has time to focus on critical projects.