Our Customers

Texas A&M University-Commerce

One of the largest regional institutions in the Texas A&M University System, with an enrollment of 12,490 students.

The Challenge

Texas A&M University-Commerce

The university's data was hidden, disjointed, and siloed, making it difficult for administrators to access the critical data needed to drive internal efficiencies and provide support for the school’s Competency-Based Education (CBE) program.


The Strategy

So the IT team built a dynamic business intelligence (BI) portal featuring visually appealing WebFOCUS dashboards, InfoApps™, and parameterized reports to monitor the myriad data points on enrollment, demographics, and student performance.

Shonda Gibson
Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

We’re not only data-driven; our data has made us a more insightful organization. WebFOCUS helps us to continually improve and to accomplish our mission, which is to serve students and help them to transform their lives.

The Outcome

Now staff members have instant access to all the key performance indicators (KPIs) across campus by department and college – everything they need for recruiting, enrollment management, graduation control, and other essential academic domains, making them better equipped to help students achieve their goals.