Our Customers


Teleall provides a wide range of contact center services to clients in the government, commercial, and private sectors.

The Challenge


Teleall didn't have an easy way to access, analyze, and visualize its computer telephony integration (CTI) data or correlate it with other sources. 

The Strategy

So the company used the WebFOCUS data and analytics platform from Information Builders to collect telephony information; combine it with data from billing, CRM, HR, and other systems; and make it accessible by everyone from executives to call-center agents.

Sagi Yosef
Chief Technology Officer

WebFOCUS allows us to combine data and deliver insights throughout the company. We can build custom pages and publish them to any employee. It’s a stable and mature system with exceptional security.

The Outcome

Now employees throughout the organization can more closely monitor performance, while IT pros spend less time gathering data and creating custom reports.