Our Customers

Sunset Transportation

Offers logistics management and brokerage services, in conjunction with freight audit and payment services, to companies throughout North America.

The Challenge

Sunset Transportation

Sunset's existing Tableau environment lacked the enterprise capabilities it required to take its analytics to the next level. The company needed a robust, scalable, and customizable analytics and data management platform that would be accessible to all levels of users.

The Strategy

Working with Information Builders, Sunset created a new portal, data warehouse, and ETL procedures to empower clients with self-service analytics capabilities, then deployed the new software in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

Sarah Eggleston
Director of National Sales and Product Development

Previously, customers could see how much money they spent, but they couldn’t see what it meant to their organizations, or how they could do better. Now, it’s actionable, and all the data is in one place.

The Outcome

Sunset’s new cloud environment empowers clients to negotiate cost-effective contracts, monitor shipments, and select the best carriers for each engagement – while reducing infrastructure costs for Sunset.