Our Customers

Securities America

One of the nation’s largest independent broker-dealers supporting more than 2,000 financial professionals, and serving more than 500,000 investors.

The Challenge

Securities America

Account and client information from multiple sources was difficult to consolidate, making it cumbersome for Securities America's advisors to answer questions, prepare for meetings, and review financial activity.

The Strategy

So, the company tapped WebFOCUS to integrate investor profile, portfolio, and performance assets into a seamless BI environment, allowing financial advisors to rapidly access and visually explore client and portfolio information.

Randy R. Reed
VP Enterprise Architecture and Application Development

It was clear that Information Builders was a trusted partner that would stay the course with us. Working with Information Builders has been a key part of our success.

The Outcome

Now, Dashboard 2.0 improves recruiting efforts, decreases the cost of proprietary application development, accelerates time to market, and decreases financial risk through better data governance.