Our Customers

Quinte Health Care

Provides a wide range of high-quality healthcare services via four hospitals to 160,000 people living in Ontario, Canada.

The Challenge

A $10 million governmental funding shortfall prompted a search for better business intelligence tools with easier access to information and analytics, so decision makers at QHC understood where money could be saved.

The Strategy

QHC used iWay DataMigrator to rebuild its data warehouse and WebFOCUS to access the data and deliver reports via a user-friendly portal. KPIs helped to measure key processes and analyze critical trends to improve patient outcomes.

Peter Papadakos
Director of Decision Support and Analytics

We used WebFOCUS to determine how we could save money. It enabled us to visualize the data from our databases so we could quickly and accurately understand where issues reside in our processes. It reveals where our costs are higher than average or where length of stay is longer than average across the province.

The Outcome

QHC reduced their operating budget by $10 million. More than 300 people, from nurses to executives, have access to WebFOCUS reports.