Our Customers

Paradies Lagardère Shops

An airport concessionaire that operates more than 550 stores in over 70 airports and hotels in the U.S. and Canada.

The Challenge

Paradies Shops

How do you streamline business operations and merchandising procedures while providng advanced data analysis, reporting, and forecasting?

The Strategy

Implement an enterprise BI platform complete with dashboards, scorecards, and geographical representations of data for quick, results-driven decision-making; run the entire platform in the cloud.

Tony Dudek
Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Information Builders supplied a BI platform that enables people who don't have IT degrees to manipulate dashboards and produce interactive reports. Because it is a cloud-based solution, we don't have to buy and maintain the associated infrastructure, worry about upgrades or patches, or deal with a host of other IT issues.

The Outcome

Non-technical users can now monitor high-level metrics or drill down to minute details, with the ability to write once and deliver anywhere.