Our Customers

Palm Coast Data

A premier fulfillment company servicing publishers, media companies, and nonprofit organizations.

The Challenge

Palm Coast Data

How did Palm Coast Data utilize modern BI technology to fine-tune analytics for calls, orders, shipping, and inventory, while expanding its analytics tools to include e-commerce dashboards?

The Strategy

By partnering with Information Builders to create a customer-facing analytics portal and a series of reusable InfoApps™, enabling dashboard reporting with unmatched data integration and drill-down capabilities.

Peggy Worley
Business Intelligence Manager

WebFOCUS helps our clients understand their customer bases so they can identify the best customer and, as a result of that analysis, spend their marketing dollars effectively.

The Outcome

Now customers can use InfoApps and dashboards to analyze their marketing, sales, fulfillment, and support activities. Scheduled reports indicate significant milestones while an audit trail encourages further investigation.