Our Customers

Murphy Hoffman Company

One of the largest dealers of Kenworth trucks in North America.

The Challenge

Murphy Hoffman Company

How can Murphy Hoffman Company eliminate manual B2B processes and improve the accuracy of exchanging common business documents, from purchase orders to parts catalogues?

The Strategy

Establish a general-purpose EAI architecture for industry standards to create automated workflow processes between MHC and its major vendors.

Jeff Murphy

Murphy Hoffman and Caterpillar wanted to eliminate multiple steps in their purchase-order process, and especially minimize the re-keying of purchase order information. iWay offered a mature XML solution that was broad enough to work with many different types of databases and applications.

The Outcome

The first application, created in just 10 days, met rigid requirements; other applications are in production to automate the creation and exchange of parts catalogs, work orders, invoices, and other documents.