Our Customers

Moneris Solutions

Canada’s leading technology merchant credit card processing company.

The Challenge

Moneris Solutions

When Moneris went looking for a business analytics solution, the reasons were twofold: to provide value-added services to merchants by allowing them to view their debit, Visa, and MasterCard transaction data online, and to empower employees with self-service access to vital information.

The Strategy

The company used WebFOCUS to create a self-service web application so customers can view their card payment activity and access statements and reports online. The business intelligence platform also enabled self-service applications to be deployed in various internal departments.

John Morgan
Senior Manager of Information Services

The WebFOCUS platform offers us maximum scalability and is capable of supporting many thousands of self-service reporting users.

The Outcome

WebFOCUS serves 300,000 credit card clients, as well as internal employees across the organization. Merchant Direct and other self-service applications boost productivity, while improving revenue, retention, and competitive advantage.