Our Customers

Minnesota Dept. of Education

Oversees the education programs and school improvement initiatives for approximately 2,000 schools and 350 school districts.

The Challenge

Minnesota Dept. of Education

How does an education department evolve systems for data collection and compliance reporting, to offer school districts greater insight into current activities and help them to predict important trends?

The Strategy

Use WebFOCUS with Adobe Flex to create interactive reports, charts, and graphs for comparing performance among schools, districts, and regions, with access to student data for authorized users.

Cathy Wagner
Business Analytics and Data Manager

With WebFOCUS, we can take our reporting activities one step further, providing analytic information to parents, educators and administrators so they can make better decisions for Minnesota students and their families.

The Outcome

Teachers and administrators throughout Minnesota can make better decisions for students and their families by improving enrollment, reducing dropout rates, and streamlining educational programs.