Our Customers

Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office

A law enforcement agency serving close to one million residents across 19 Wisconsin communities.

The Challenge

Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office

To aid in crime fighting, traffic safety, budgeting and planning, resource allocation, and other important activities, this agency needed to consolidate siloed data into a warehouse to create a single view of comprehensive information.

The Strategy

Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office uses WebFOCUS to deploy dashboards across the agency, empowering the sheriff, as well as supervisors, commanders, lieutenants, and officers with real-time information that enables real-time decision-making.

David A. Clarke

We needed to do away with archaic manual processes and empower our supervisors and commanders - as well as our officers in the field - with a faster way to gather and share important information.

The Outcome

The system paid for itself in one year, due to productivity increases. Inmates are booked faster and traffic accidents have been reduced by 20 percent.