Our Customers

Millennium BCP

Portugal’s largest privately owned bank with more than 750 branches and 2.3 million customers.

The Challenge

Millennium BCP

How does your organization enable an integrated view of business information with targeted data, detail-level drill-downs, and KPIs – in an attractive and intuitive interface?

The Strategy

Create a state-of-the-art business intelligence (BI) application, map back-end data sources, create a consumer-friendly dashboard environment, enable drill-downs, and help users identify key metrics.

Alexandre Moita

Our new dashboard environment provides our users with a consistent, integrated view of business information with summarized data, drill-downs to detail-level data, and KPIs - all presented in an attractive, intuitive, self-service application.

The Outcome

Improved commercial activity has positively impacted revenue. Managers can comprehend the data and focus on the most relevant metrics that influence performance, as well as foster a proactive, data-driven culture.