Our Customers

Marvin F. Poer

One of the nation’s leading property tax advisors with expertise in real estate, personal property, and commercial properties.

The Challenge

Marvin F. Poer

How does a company respond to customer demands for easier access to information about the status of work on real estate, personal property, and administrative processes?

The Strategy

Develop and deploy a web-based, customer-facing business intelligence (BI) application using WebFOCUS.

Tom Rawlston
Senior Vice President

Information Builders was unique. They took the time necessary to understand what we wanted to achieve. Then they put together a proof of concept, based on our business model, of how WebFOCUS would improve our business.

The Outcome

Marvin Poer’s Client Connect application is a competitive differentiator, providing customers with easy access to critical information on demand, bringing in new business, and exceeding customer expectations.