Our Customers

Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services

A state agency that includes more than 4,500 staff members supporting approximately one million constituents.

The Challenge

Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services

This arm of the State's Social Services Department relies on data, analytics, and reporting for some very serious initiatives: fraud detection, foster care, disaster recovery, and more. It requires processes to be as efficient as possible.

The Strategy

So, the agency created a web-based analytical tool that can access transactional data and display results in a variety of formats, including map-based displays. It also devised master data records to minimize the time and effort required to provide benefits.

Jesse Wright
Director, Fraud and Recovery Unit

We apply the same technology to track down suspicious retailers to identify daycare providers who may be over-charging us. This has the potential to save the state a lot of money.

The Outcome

A more accurate view of patterns in SNAP benefit transactions and assisted child care programs has made illegal activity easier to detect, has enhanced disaster recovery planning, and has simplified IT structure.