Our Customers


iovation delivers global intelligence about devices, their relationships, and their reputations so businesses can instantly authenticate good users, block fraud, and create the best possible online experience for their customers.

The Challenge


Online businesses across a variety of industries must find ways to combat online fraud without compromising the consumer experience with obtrusive technology.

The Strategy

Information Builders helps iovation identify trustworthy customers through a combination of advanced device identification, shared device reputation, device-based authentication, and real-time risk evaluation.

Greg Pierson
Chief Executive Officer

With WebFOCUS, customers run reports that show them just how many times business rules were invoked, or how many suspicious transactions were flagged for further investigation or blocked completely. It becomes completely clear just how we are keeping them protected.

The Outcome

Users easily gather vital intelligence about devices used in fraudulent interactions; support team members better respond to client issues and questions; and trusted customers enjoy a better online experience.