Our Customers

Heartland Financial

A multinational holding company offering banking solutions for business and personal clients.

The Challenge

Heartland Financial

Mergers and acquisitions led to a jumble of information systems and data repositories. Bank directors found it difficult to obtain high-level information.

The Strategy

By using WebFOCUS and InfoAssist to directly address data sources where they reside, Heartland resolved its urgent information needs without having to commit to a long and costly data warehouse initiative.

Michael Arthur Calavicci
Business Intelligence Manager

WebFOCUS helps us comply with federal regulations since we can display asset values, balances, and margins in separate columns, all in one report.

The Outcome

Improved decision-making with vital, timely, and actionable insight across the entire financial services spectrum. Reduced labor costs, improved data accuracy, and reduced the need for IT support via self-service analytics.