Our Customers

Food Lion

A major grocery retailer with more than 1,100 stores in 11 states.

The Challenge

Food Lion

Is there a way to streamline mainframe-based reporting processes and reduce the time it takes to deliver financial information to the field?

The Strategy

Sure, with a self-service reporting analytics environment that allows managers to access reports via the corporate intranet, and automatically schedule and distribute daily sales reports by e-mail.

Greg Finchum
Senior Vice President of Retail Operations

My reaction time to every business decision has been cut in half. I no longer wait for reports. Instead, I react to information that is delivered to me. This has been a huge victory for our organization.

The Outcome

Sales results and other financial data are received days to weeks sooner, users can perform better analyses of weekly store promotions, and can quickly detect buying patterns and respond to marketplace changes.