Our Customers

Dahl Finland Ltd.

The leading wholesale supplier of HVAC, public utility, and pipe products in the Nordic and Baltic regions, Dahl Finland Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Saint-Gobain group, a world-leading construction products supplier.

The Challenge

Dahl Finland Ltd.

Dahl had been using an outdated, unreliable, and inefficient enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that could only produce a limited number of static, textual reports. And with each report taking up to thirty minutes to generate, it was virtually impossible for stakeholders to track customer, product, and financial metrics in real time.

The Strategy

So the IT team used WebFOCUS to retrieve information from the existing ERP system and generate interactive dashboards, InfoApps™, and parameterized displays to meet the needs of sales, purchasing, financial administration, and warehouse management.

Satu Grogars
IT Specialist

InfoBuild has been with us from evaluation through deployment and has been very helpful and cooperative. They have brilliant people working for them, and they helped us develop the skills to create new analytics for ourselves.

The Outcome

Now everyone, from executives and area managers to directors, supervisors, and individual workers have the ability to filter and visualize data in unique combinations and generate personalized reports in real time – something unheard of with Dahl’s old reporting system.