Our Customers

CWB National Leasing

Canada’s largest and longest-standing equipment leasing company, CWB provides financing solutions to businesses across the nation.

The Challenge

CWB needed to deliver a single source of truth to its decision-makers. This required unifying vast amounts of disparate data, spanning its most critical information sources: applications for receivables management, credit, and leasing.

The Strategy

With WebFOCUS, the company was able to create a game-changing series of department-specific dashboards, allowing users at all levels to monitor leasing, accounts receivable, funding, and other important activities securely and on demand. 

Joel Neufeld
Manager of Treasury and Reporting

With WebFOCUS, casual users easily generate their own reports and analyses using intuitive drag-and-drop functionality in a highly governed environment.

The Outcome

By solidifying its analytics strategy and giving its employees the competitive edge, CWB has taken its customer-driven business model to new heights and is now better able to serve its more than 70,000 clients across a vast array of industries.