Our Customers

CDS Global

A leading provider of outsourced business solutions to publishers, direct marketers, and other types of businesses, with particular expertise in e-commerce, order management, fulfillment, payment processing, and marketing.

The Challenge

CDS Global

CDS Global wanted to enable media and consumer product clients to securely access, analyze, and visualize circulation, fulfillment, and order management data via the Internet.

The Strategy

So their BI team created InFOCUS Circ+, an application that presents BI dashboards, reports, graphs, charts, and Active Technology reports to hundreds of members of the publishing industry in a zero-client-footprint point-and-click environment.

Cindy Hewett
BI and Reporting Solutions Product Manager

Our clients also love being able to display multiple reports side by side - something they couldn't do before.

The Outcome

Now the company has better insight into circulation, fulfillment, and many other business functions and clients have a clear view of business metrics, ensuring their success.