Our Customers

Case Paper

A global paper converter and merchant serving the printing and packaging industry, with an inventory of more than 75,000 tons of product.

The Challenge

Case Paper had been struggling with an outdated, Excel-based reporting environment. The company needed a more efficient way to extract vital data and make it accessible to a wide range of users, so stakeholders could easily identify and address problems as they appear.

The Strategy

Using WebFOCUS, programmers built a series of InfoApps™ for executives, managers, and employees that serve different functions, such as tracking KPIs in inventory, purchasing, sales, and other important areas of the business.

Jill McDonough
Corporate Director of Support Services

Putting together a budget at the beginning of each month was extremely harrowing. The entire process took four or five days. One InfoApp™ replaces hundreds of those reports. I access and manipulate the data and complete my budget in just a few short hours.

The Outcome

Now one InfoApp™ replaces hundreds of reports, so relevant, real-time data is easily accessible to all users, giving them quick answers to critical questions and enabling the company to grow and keep pace with a rapidly changing market.