Our Customers

Apollo Vredestein

A Dutch producer of tires for trucks, cars, bicycles and farm equipment.

The Challenge

Apollo Vredestein

What do you do when a combination of packaged and homegrown systems makes it difficult to achieve a single, consolidated view of critical information?

The Strategy

Deploy a BI portal to collect, analyze, and centralize information for hundreds of users, from non-technical frontline workers to advanced analysts and developers.

Jos Wesselink
Manager of IT

WebFOCUS was the only solution native to our core information systems that was also very user friendly. It enabled us to develop daily reports and adapt them to the needs of people throughout the enterprise, all the way down to the factory floor.

The Outcome

WebFOCUS reduces errors, minimizes costs, and helps the company take advantage of new revenue opportunities. Employees can gain insight into how their contributions impact the organization.