Our Customers

American Alliance of Creditor Attorneys

Manages attorney resources throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico to recover debt for high-volume credit grantors and debt buyers.

The Challenge

American Alliance of Creditor Attorneys

How did AACA overcome an inability for clients and law firms to access current account information on post charged-off consumer debt, which is delaying critical collection activities?

The Strategy

By using WebFOCUS technology to develop Pipeway®, an external-facing BI environment that synchronizes a highly diverse and information-intensive process and presents account data through color-coded pipes.

Tom Balcerzak

We're developing BI applications to give us deeper insight into the data - to find outliers such as firms that are not doing a good job or identifying types of accounts that don't pay. This will give us greater insight into clients, law firms, portfolios, and particular accounts.

The Outcome

The company has an official system of record which has empowered debt collection companies to handle a larger volume of business, while making law firms up to twice as efficient.