Our Customers

Alpha Bank

One of the largest banks in Greece, with an active presence in Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Albania, FYROM, and the UK.

The Challenge

Alpha Bank

Bank officials realized they need to replace a cumbersome legacy reporting system with an environment that enables the rapid generation of complex reports with full traceability.

The Strategy

They turned to WebFOCUS business intelligence and analytics to help them develop daily, weekly, and monthly reports – so managers can quickly respond to regulators and fluctuating markets.

Dimitrios Dassios
MIS Division Manager

WebFOCUS helps us offer competitive rates to customers while still maintaining a profitable spread. During times of crisis, when the cost of funds can change quickly, this becomes especially important.

The Outcome

Now, timely and accurate information fulfills requests from the Central Bank of Greece while maintaining profitable spreads and preserving customer relationships.