Our Customers

ABC Financial

Delivers club-management solutions to more than 7,500 health and fitness clubs across the country.

The Challenge

ABC Financial

How do you scale and customize your self-service analytics platform to meet the needs of more than 35,000 users without burdening them with a rigid and cumbersome reporting environment?

The Strategy

Utilize the flexibility and scalability of WebFOCUS to deploy secure, self-service dashboards to every user, giving them consolidated and visually compelling analytics from multiple backoffice systems.

David Finkbeiner
Vice President

WebFOCUS allows us to create meaningful analytics from a plethora of data from multiple source systems. We are able to deliver summarized data and visuals for myriad customers, slicing out collection, member account, and member demographic information. It’s very flexible and powerful, and is a big staple to our business.

The Outcome

Now everyone from professional analysts to casual business users can enjoy access to accurate and actionable analytics from multiple sources. Greater reporting flexibility saves time and makes customers more efficient and more profitable.