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Data and Analytics to Better Understand and Beat the COVID-19 Pandemic

Global Insights to Community Action

In this video vignette, we visualize COVID-19 data to find insights and track the impact of the virus globally. We also show how to combine this information with other clinical and demographic data to to help healthcare organizations identify and proactively check on higher risk patients. 

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COVID-19 Global Tracking and Trend Analysis Dashboard

Covid Dashboard

Use this interactive dashboard, built on the IBI platform, to explore and analyze COVID-19 global data. Here are a few examples of what you can do: see confirmed cases by percentage of population over 65, view a correlation of testing to confirmed cases, and visualize confirmed cases by country over time. 

The data is supplied by ESRI COVID-19 Resources GIS Hub, which contains the most up-to-date COVID-19 cases and latest trend plot.

Omni-HealthData Dashboard

With our Omni-HealthData platform, we can help healthcare organizations track readmissions and discharges in a number of very helpful ways, including by location, by time period, according to specific health issue, and other important patient details.

OHD Dasboard

COVID-19 Predictive Dashboard

To help us understand how hospitals are coping as active cases of coronavirus are reported, we deployed a predictive model that combines data* from two neural networks: one trained on unresolved cases and another trained on daily percentage increases of unresolved cases. We enriched this data with the hospital bed capacity of each country. The data and corresponding prediction is refreshed nightly. To get the entire picture of how cases are trending worldwide, we also present a Trellis chart. 

*Data source: GitHub


Active Cases vs. Hospital Bed Capacity

Active Cases

Will active COVID-19 cases exceed hospital bed capacity? Access insights based on predictive modeling by country using in this dashboard.

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When Will the Curve Flatten?

Flatten the Curve

One of the markers healthcare professionals are using is the "flattening of the curve," the point at which active cases no longer appear to be on the rise. In this live dashboard, you can see monitor the various curves by country to see the progression.


CDC Vulnerability Index

Using data from the Centers for Disease Control, we've built a dashboard showing COVID-19 vulnerability in the Detroit, MI metro area based on a variety of demographics, including socioeconomics, age, household composition, and more.

Solutions for Credit Unions



Using Operational Analytics to Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19

Presented With Sound Credit Union

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Fact Sheet

COVID-19 Reporting Package for Credit Unions

Analytics and Insight to Help Your Members Mitigate COVID-19’s Financial Impacts

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COVID-19 Portal for Credit Unions

Dashboard for Credit Unions


These dashboards represent a sample of the COVID-19 Reporting Package built by Sound Credit Union using our data and analytics solutions. The package is available to help credit unions mitigate the financial impacts of the pandemic on its members.


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