Information Builders Provides Superior User Experience With Embedded BI and Analytics

Companies Across Verticals Tapping BI and Analytics Leader for Market Differentiation
New York

Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics, data integrity, and integration solutions, today announced that it’s empowering customers and partners with embedded BI and analytics capabilities, and enhancing the user experience with visualization, real-time analytics, and interactive reporting.

The company’s technology provides seamless integration and ease of branding, sophisticated out-of-the-box content options, flexible yet robust security features, and scalability on a single, unified platform, delivering superior user experience and allowing organizations to unleash the full potential of their existing information by putting actionable, reliable information into more users’ hands.

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Information Builders embedded BI capabilities include:

  • An extensive REST web services API that allows customers to easily embed WebFOCUS content in a custom interface for seamless integration
  • A flexible and robust role-based security that can be administered with ease
  • Superior branding/re-branding capabilities and theming options for customers that want to embed content in a third-party application, for both online and offline viewing
  • A scalable best-in-class platform with architecture that allows access to any data, including real time and big data
  • Complete data quality and governance capabilities
  • Software-as-a-service multi-tenancy business architecture that can be cloud or on-premise

By unlocking the power of their information, companies can identify new revenue streams, uncover cost saving opportunities, and incentivize customer behaviors. Information Builders works with numerous companies worldwide to realize these benefits, among them Sparta Systems, Chrome River, and ICA Fluor.

  • Sparta Systems is the leading global provider of enterprise quality management software (EQMS). Its solutions enable clients to bring their products to market safely and efficiently. TrackWise®, the company’s flagship solution, is a standard in highly regulated industries. It is used by quality, manufacturing, and regulatory affairs professionals to manage compliance, reduce risk, and improve safety. Sparta recently enhanced TrackWise with analytic and self-service capabilities from Information Builders. The addition of WebFOCUS is driving new business and enabling existing customers to get more out of their data
  • Chrome River is a provider of online expense reporting and spend management solutions. Chrome River relies on WebFOCUS to make innovative analytical capabilities part of its offering. WebFOCUS frees up internal resources, allowing developers to focus on building core functionality instead of creating reports. Information Builders also supports Chrome River’s security and multi-tenancy requirements, and links report content back to documents in the Chrome River database. Users now have in-depth analytical capabilities and can generate their own user-guided reports, including complex dashboards and highly sophisticated charts and graphs. As a result, clients have better visibility into spending patterns, so they can achieve greater control over their expenses and more accurately plan for the future. This cements usage of Chrome River’s application while driving more revenue for the company
  • ICA Fluor is a leading industrial engineering construction company in Mexico. Working with Information Builders, the organization has consolidated information from multiple sources into a centralized repository and made the data available to its senior management team. As a result of the enhanced BI and analytics environment, the entire organization is able to document and evaluate decisions, measure progress, and hold staff accountable to key performance indicators

Gerald Cohen, president and CEO of Information Builders, said:
“Companies are continuously clamoring for new strategies to outperform the competition or operate more leanly, but the truth is most have had these capabilities all along in their existing data assets. Information Builders believes embedded BI is the key to success in the information age, and we want more organizations to realize the transformative power of their information. Particularly as the business landscape is inundated with more data sources than ever before, now is the time for all companies to unlock their information potential.”

About Information Builders

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