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Information Builders Delivers Visual Storytelling for the Masses With WebFOCUS Infographics

Organizations Now Able to Create Insight-Driven Infographics Without Professional Designers
New York, NY

Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data management solutions, today announced the availability of WebFOCUS Infographics, the latest enhancement to the company’s award-winning BI and analytics platform. This new capability allows organizations to easily create and automate the delivery of visually insightful communications to large audiences without the need for professional design experience or software specialists.

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Ninety percent of information is processed visually. As a result, the ways that organizations deliver BI and analytics insights are evolving, notably in the rising use of data storytelling. Infographics are quickly gaining steam for their ability to deliver data stories without long and wordy reports, making insights obvious and instantaneously comprehensible. Using WebFOCUS Infographics, organizations can now leverage this visual tool to take existing business data to the next level, transforming everyday communications with employees, customers, partners, and prospects into highly visual and compelling data-oriented content.

As a result of a partnership with a market-leading infographics vendor, Information Builders’ customers can generate highly professional, visual communications by placing WebFOCUS Objects onto infographics templates through a powerful design portal. Businesses can then distribute thousands, even millions, of personalized infographics via a single design using WebFOCUS to create and automatically burst or send the infographics to a database of contacts. These infographics can be customized for each recipient to display highly relevant information, such as account or business activity, which is populated directly from a secured database that taps existing, corporate data sources.

The underlying data management, security, and distribution of each infographic is fully managed by the WebFOCUS platform, ensuring the data is accurate and trusted. This innovative use of visualized storytelling can help companies reinforce their brand through compelling designs and convert prospects, reduce churn, and boost loyalty of large customer and consumer bases.

Frank Vella, chief operating officer, Information Builders said:
“Information Builders has always been a proponent of strong data visualizations, built on fully managed and integrated data, as an essential tool for organizations to rapidly identify patterns, trends, and relationships in their data. We’re excited to offer WebFOCUS users the ability to create visually compelling infographics for their customers and partners – built on that same foundation of data management. I’m eager to see how our customers will use this new tool to better engage their audiences with data-driven storytelling.”

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