Companies Turn to InfoApps™ to Operationalize Insights

Interactive BI Apps Drive Better Decision Making by Empowering More Business Users to Analyze Enterprise Information
New York and London

Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics, information integrity, and integration solutions, today announced that InfoApps™ empower non-technical business users from leading organizations to quickly glean meaning from enterprise data and make faster, better decisions. With InfoApps, these organizations are successfully operationalizing insights by making them accessible to everyone.

An InfoApp is a purpose-built information app to support organization strategy, operational decision-making and superior customer experiences. They give organizations competitive advantage as they make operations more efficient, help acquire and retain customers and monetize data. InfoApps ensure growth and profits and are thus killer apps. They also help companies support business optimization, realize new levels of efficiency and employee performance, and monetize data. These tools provide analytic content through a single, highly interactive interface in an “app-store” like experience, which allows users to choose only the elements relevant to their specific business questions. While dashboards are used to monitor outcomes, InfoApps are used to answer questions about the outcomes quickly, without extensive analysis. InfoApps can be easily accessed on both web browsers and mobile devices.

Many customers around the world, including these from EMEA, are currently benefitting from InfoApps:

  • BGL, a UK-based personal insurance broker, is increasing customer relations and improving service with an intuitive InfoApp. By extending the reach of information beyond the firewall, the InfoApp dramatically improves communication with partners, allowing them to easily access data from multiple sources, whenever they need it.
  • Mercurial's consulting clients can formulate sales force strategies, identify commercial risks and opportunities, and increase the quality and velocity of sales and marketing decision-making thanks to InfoApps. The company recently built a SaaS portal – complete with InfoApps – for its life sciences customers. These InfoApps contain analytical and forecasting capabilities that allow users to perform deep analysis of their sales, marketing, and distribution activities, and coordinate the efforts of large sales teams.
  • Hof Hoorneman created interactive eStatements, a type of InfoApp, for its customers. eStatements have empowered this independent investment bank to provide customers with a personal daily digital overview of their investments, with attention to wealth, yield, output, and efficiency. Real-time and historical data from diverse sources are combined into personalized dashboards and interactive Active PDF files. Clients can now review their investments on a daily basis and receive input from their investment advisors.

“InfoApps expand advanced analytical capabilities to a much broader audience, enabling non-technical business users to interact with information in new and exciting ways,” said Gerald Cohen, president and CEO, Information Builders. “This promotes better decision-making across an organization, which in turn drives better business performance. Our customers have seen tremendous results with their InfoApps, and we look forward to helping more customers achieve similar successes.”

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