Cloud Business Intelligence

Cloud solutions provide many benefits over traditional infrastructure, such as improved performance, lower upfront investment, and greater flexibility and scalability to handle growth and unanticipated demand.

The cloud has something for everyone - higher agility and growth for CEOs, increased operational efficiency for CFOs, innovative ways to engage customers for CMOs , and improved cost-efficiency, speed, scale, and functionality for CIOs. With Information Builders, you can now leverage a comprehensive BI, analytics, and information management platform in the cloud. Our platform-as-a-service solutions make all the powerful features and capabilities of WebFOCUS, iWay, and Omni readily available through a variety of flexible deployment options: Pure Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Federated Hybrid Cloud.

Information Builders supports a variety of cloud deployment options:


  • Pure Cloud: WebFOCUS and iWay fully operate in the cloud - data resides in the cloud. Key benefits: All IT assets, costs, and resources are offloaded to the cloud.

  • Hybrid Cloud:  WebFOCUS and iWay fully operate in the cloud - data resides and is accessed in-place on-premise. Key benefits: No data migration required and database design and security are preserved.

  • Federated Hybrid Cloud: WebFOCUS and iWay components may operate in the both the cloud and on-premises - data can reside both on-premise and in the cloud. Key Benefits: Facilitates a phased approach to Cloud migration.   

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