Business Analytics

Business analytics help casual and non-technical users tap into enterprise information to make better decisions.

Organizations must enable their business users to independently explore and interact with data from a variety of systems and sources, without IT intervention.  Making insights easily accessible to all will improve performance, increase productivity, boost profitability, and enhance customer loyalty.

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Satisfying All Analytical Needs

WebFOCUS is the industry’s most complete and flexible BI and business analytics solution, providing a single, unified platform for visualizing insights, operationalizing decision-making, and monetizing data. It incorporates the broadest range of capabilities – from data visualization and enterprise search to predictive, social media, and location analytics - to deliver on every possible analytical requirement.

Business analytics make it easy to uncover and decipher game-changing patterns and trends by providing an effective means of collecting, consolidating, and analyzing enterprise data.  Users with little or no technical savvy can:

  • Retrieve, combine, and explore data from any combination of internal and external sources 
  • Discover patterns, trends, relationships, and anomalies
  • Conduct accurate forecasts, anticipating future events or results based on historical information
  • Evaluate "what if" scenarios to determine how potential changes will impact outcomes
  • Present data via sophisticated, compelling images and maps

Few business analytics solutions can deliver on every possible analytical requirement.

Organizations have many kinds of stakeholders, both internal and external, each with their own analytical requirements and preferences. Many solutions deliver a mere fraction of the needed functionality.

Only WebFOCUS supports everyone from the boardroom to the mailroom and to customers and partners, with innovative analytical features that include: 

  • Data Discovery. WebFOCUS InfoAssist+ is a unified, web-based authoring tool for visually analyzing complex data, and generating sophisticated visualizations, dashboards and reports.
  • Predictive Analytics. WebFOCUS RStat provides one integrated solution for BI, data modeling, and scoring.
  • In-Document Analytics. Transform static documents into a single analytical document that contains one or more views (e.g., report, chart, dashboard), along with a data subset and analytical controls.
  • Location Analytics. Tight integration with market-leading Esri mapping technology makes it possible to incorporate interactive, visually-compelling mapping. 
  • Sentiment and Word Analytics. Social media and textual analytics enable comprehensive analysis of more qualitative information.
  • BI and Analytics Smart Search. Search, share, and reuse a combination of content titles, metadata, and data elements using Natural Language Processing and a type-ahead search index to easily find related reports, charts, and dashboards indexed from the BI archive. 
  • Natural Language Generation (NLG). Through a partnership with industry-leading NLG provider Yseop, WebFOCUS automatically translates charts into narrative, explaining in everyday English what is happening in the data.

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